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Measuring method for collars

Durasoft hunt dog collars are measured from the middle of the buckle to the second adjustment hole from the end of the collar. This allows 2" of adjustment smaller and 1 larger. There is no need to add inches to the actual measurement of your dogs neck. The size of the dogs neck is the collar size needed.

Ring-in-Center: Safety collar, designed for hunting dogs.The center ring allows the collar to roll over if dog becomes entangled.

Dee-in-Front: Designed for tie-out use.The D would need to break through two layers of the material for dog to be set free.

Sunglo collars. add 4-5 inches to the dogs neck size measurement for the proper length collar


Advantage Wetlands Camo Dee-in-Fron

Advantage Wetlands Camo Ring-in-Cen

DuraFlect Standard Collar

Pinch Collar - Large Extra Link

Pinch Collar - Medium Extra Link

Pinch-collars latch style Large

Pinch-collars latch style medium

Pinch-collars latch style small

Pinch-collars latch style X Small

Premium Collection

Premium Collection Ring-in Center

SunGlo 1 inch Regular Large

SunGlo 1x 19 inch Regular

SunGlo 1x21 inch Regular

SunGlo 1x23 inch Regular

SunGlo 1x25inch Regular

SunGlo 3/4 inch Regular

SunGlo Collars 1 inch large

SunGlo Collars 1 inch Ring-in-Cente

SunGlo Collars 3/4 inch