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Tom Dokkens Training Book

Tom Dokken has more than 30 years of experience turning retrievers into successful field trial competitors, hut test participants, waterfowling companions and upland bird finders. Tom is the creator of the popular Dokken Deadfowl Trainer, and Dokkens Oak Ridge Kennels in Northfield,
MN., is one of the largest all-breed hunting dog training facilities in the United States.

A 255 pages, full-color illustrations and photos Contents:
1. A Primer on Puppies
2. Socializing Your Puppy
Preschool, 7-12 Weeks
3. Early Puppy Training
Elementary School, 1st Semester, 12-20 Weeks
4. Exercises to Build on
Elementary School, 2nd Semester, 12-20 Weeks
5. Introduction to Birds and Guns
Middle School, 5-6 Months
6. Formalizing Obedience
Junior High School, 1st Semester, 6-7 Months
7. Upland Hunting Skills
Junior High School, 2nd Semester, 6-7 Months
8. Welcome to Waterfowling
Junior High School, 2nd Semester, 6-7 Months
9. Force-Fetching
High School, 1st Semester, 7-8 Months
10. The Remote Collar
High School, 2nd Semester, 8 to 9 Months
11. Advanced Retrieving
Last month of high school! 9-12 Months
12. Real World Considerations
In-the-field advice for hunting with any age retriever
13. Training to Handle
Post-Graduate Work - After the first hunting season


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