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Vera-Launch Remote Launcher System

RRT Versa launcher Remote.
The Training Remote Dummy Launcher Set for 2 dummies is Now in New Zealand, which Retriev-R-Trainer has now taken Gundog training to the next level with the RRT Versa Launcher.
The Versa launcher is a remote control system which is a completely versatile system which is adaptable from one launcher to eight launchers working from just a single remote control. Controllable from 300 yards away making retrieves possible from even further away.
This complete kit includes:
1 x RRT Remote Launcher Base Kit. [38-000]
2 x RRT Remote Launcher Tube with Wire Harness and RRT Launcher Conversion Kit. [38-001]
#1 x RRT Electronic Release System.
Includes Remote Transmitter, Receiver, and Battery Charger [38050]
#2 x RRT Launcher. [37-000]
#2 x RRT White canvas dummy with streamer. [37-025]

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