Trainers :::


White Canvas Feather Pocket Throw

Canvas Launcher 10inch Dummy

Canvas Launcher 71/2 inch Dummy

Canvas Launcher Black & White

Canvas Launcher White

Canvas Puppy Throw Dummy

Canvas Training Dummy

Canvas Training Dummy-Puppy

Check Cords

DeadFowl SuperDummy

Dokken Launche Dummy

Dokken Dead Fowl - Mallard Duck

Dokken Dead Fowl - Pheasant

Dokken Dead Fowl Bluewing Teal

Dokken Dead Fowl Miniature Mallard

Dokken Dog Training Scent Wax

Dokken Procheck 30 Foot 4 In 1 Chec

Dokken Training Accessory Bag

Dokkens Classic Dummy

Dokkens Dead Fowl Black Duck

Dokkens Power Throw Girp

Dokkens Rubber Knobby

DVD - WATER DOG waterfowl retrieves

DVD Family Dog 2nd Edition

DVD PUPPY Development 1

DVD Puppy Development II

DVD Training Gun Dogs

DVD Training Gun Dogs to Retrieve

DVD- Tom Dokken retrievers intermed

DVD- Tom Dokken retrievers puppy

DVD-The Silent Command System

Firehose & Canvas Dummies

Lucky Dog Launcher 11

Mark n Bird By Flagman

Plastic Knobby Dummy -Jumbo

Plastic Knobby Dummy - Regular

Plastic RRT Launcher Dummy

Pro Model Retrieve-R-Trainer

Replacemet O Ring RRT


RRT Remote Release System

Side-Kick Remote Launcher Kit

Side-Kick Starter Tube

Slim Firehose Throw Dummy

The Strobe Canvas throw bird Dummy

Vera-Launch Remote Launcher System